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The new Training Package for responding to ethanol incidents includes an instructors manual, a participant packet, interactive workshop materials, PowerPoint presentations, two videos and guidelines for fire departments to have ethanol production facilities in their communities. This extensive package is very beneficial giving the sources to be knowledgeable and prepared for any ethanol emergency situation. To view the content of this training package, visit the resources page.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to order a hard copy of the training package, contact


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Upcoming Safety Seminars

        *Stay tuned for 2015 Ethanol Safety Seminar dates and locations.

Safety Seminar Articles

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Map of All Ethanol Safety Seminars

Previous Ethanol Safety Seminars


Upcoming Ethanol Safety Seminars

The RFA, in partnership with several industry entities, will be hosting a series of Ethanol Safety Seminars in 2015 at various locations throughout the United States. This course was developed to give first responders, hazmat teams, fuel transporters, and safety personnel an in-depth look at proper training techniques needed when responding to an ethanol-related emergency. The seminars are FREE to attend. The upcoming cities for 2015 Ethanol Safety Seminars are detailed below. To register, go to

Taylorville, IL - August 10, 2015

Taylorville Fire Department - Training Office
202 N. Main St.
Taylorville, IL 62568
Seminar Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm

FREE to attend! Registration is limited. Certificates of completion will be handed out to all attendees at the end of the course.
Click link to view flyer

The safety and training information that was provided in these seminars is based from the Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response, a training package created by the Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition (EERC). This information is available on our Resources page, and as a DVD.


Safety Seminars Articles

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Map of All Ethanol Safety Seminars (2010-2014)

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Previous Ethanol Safety Seminars

12/14/2010          Harrisburg, PA
02/10/2011          Boston, MA
02/10/2011          Worcester, MA
04/6/2011            Charlotte, NC
04/12-13/2011     Mobile, AL
05/3/2011            Houston, TX
05/4/2011            Beaumont, TX
06/6/2011            Stockton, CA
05/15/2011          Portland, OR
08/3/2011            Indianapolis, IN
08/22/2011          Cleveland, OH
08/22/2011          Painesville, OH
10/21-22/2011     Pekin, IL
11/8/2011            Findlay, OH
03/27/2012          Forsyth, GA
04/18/2012          Chattanooga, TN
05/7/2012            Spartanburg, SC
05/22/2012          Rockford, IL
06/13/2012          Dubuque, IA
06/14/2012          Waterloo, IA
07/11/2012          Raleigh, NC
07/30/2012          Sioux City, IA
08/1/2012            Fort Dodge, IA
08/7/2012            Twin Falls, ID
08/9/2012            Idaho Falls, ID
08/22/2012          Decatur, IL
08/29/2012          Defiance, OH
09/10/2012          Willmar, MN
09/13/2012          Pittsburgh, PA
10/2/2012            Elgin, IL
10/29/2012          Bessemer, AL
11/29/2012          Fort Worth, TX
01/23/2013          Baltimore, MD
04/16/2013          Stanley, WI
04/17/2013          Wisconsin Rapids, WI
04/24/2013          Akron, OH
04/25/2013          Canton, OH
05/09/2013          Troy, MI
06/12/2013          Grand Island, NE
06/13/2013          Columbus, NE
06/18-19/2013     Salem, OR 
07/08-09/2013     Sacramento, CA
07/10-11/2013     Oakland, CA
07/12-13/2013     Modesto, CA
07/15-16/2013     Bakersfield, CA
07/17-18/2013     Castaic, CA 
07/19-20/2013     Long Beach, CA 
07/22-23/2013     San Diego, CA
08/08-10/2013     Tucson, AZ
09/04/2013          Sacramento, CA

09/16/2013          Boardman, OR
09/24-25/2013     San Luis Obispo, CA
10/17/2013          South Conroe, TX

10/23-24/2013     Tacoma, WA
10/29/2013          Albuquerque, NM
11/14/2013          Pipestone, MN
01/24/2013          Daytona, FL
04/25/2013          Richland, VA

06/25/2014          Knoxville, TN
06/27/2014          Nashville, TN
07/21/2014          Weatherford, OK
Oklahoma City, OK
07/22/2014          Joplin, MO
07/24/2014          Tulsa, OK
07/24/2014          St. Louis, MO
07/25/2014          Port of Catoosa, OK
08/07/2014          Tuscaloosa, AL
08/08/2014          Prattville, AL
08/11-12/2014     Kansas City, KS
08/13/2014          Salina, KS
08/14/2014          Pratt, KS
08/26-27/2014     Westfield, MA
09/17/2014          Albion, MI
09/18/2014          Lansing, MI
09/19/2014          Grand Rapids, MI
09/22/2014          Saginaw, MI
09/24/2014          Warren, MI
Anchorage, AK

Please contact for any further questions.