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Ensuring the Safe Transport and Handling of Ethanol

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Preparing First Responders to Safeguard Communities
We offer Ethanol Emergency Response (EER) training courses. These courses have been designed with the understanding of the risks, hazards, strengths, and limitations associated with dealing with an ethanol emergency. These courses are FREE and open to anyone with an interest in ethanol emergency response. Certificates of Participation are awarded at the end of each course.
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Training Modules

EER now offers 8 downloadable training modules

The Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response training course includes instructor manuals, participant guides, PowerPoint presentations - embedded with instructor notes, and training videos for the 8 training modules. These modules are offered in both English and Spanish.

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Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response

This is your chance to learn about ethanol emergency response.

If you're in a situation where you need to respond to an emergency, here are some resources you can use.

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Enhancing Emergency Preparedness

This Ethanol Emergency Response training was designed to enhance the knowledge, capability, and readiness of operational emergency response agencies to effectively respond to fires, spills, and other emergencies involving ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels.

The Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response training program was developed as a tool for emergency responders to improve their knowledge and ability to respond to emergencies involving ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels, which allows them to make informed decisions regarding capability based on community risk and other factors.