About Us

Our History

The Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition (EERC) launched in 2006 to ensure the safe handling and transport of ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels. The EERC, founded by the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) in collaboration with public and private organizations representing emergency response and fire protection, quickly became a critically important open-source resource for education and readiness training on potential spills, fires, and other ethanol-related emergencies. RFA picked up the reins when the EERC disbanded in 2013 and broadened its offerings to meet a growing demand.


Our Focus


Free Access to Educational Materials: The RFA has collaborated with subject matter experts to develop a science-based, open-source guidance toolbox on hazardous material storage, handling, and emergency response. Many resources are available as English and Spanish versions.


Free Access to Training: The RFA collaborates with subject matter experts to offer nationwide in-person and online training. We target emergency responders, hazmat teams, ethanol biorefinery and railroad personnel, and local emergency planning committees. The RFA also offers online instructor-level training to accelerate the uptake of safety knowledge and skills on a broader scale.

Our Impact


  • 400 Training Events
  • 15,000 Trained
  • 50 States and 39 Countries Represented
  • 10 TRANSCAER® National Achievement Awards
We Offer

In-Person, Nationwide Seminars:

  • Ethanol Emergency Response Training
  • TRANSCAER Hazmat & Transportation Training

Global Webinars: Online “Train the Trainer” Instruction on Ethanol Emergency Response

Self-Paced Individual Instruction: Ethanol Emergency Safety Training Course

RFA’s Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response package, available in English and Spanish versions, remains our cornerstone training resource. Each module includes an instructor manual, participant guide, slide deck, and training video.